Management Company Only Pretends We Have A Resident Manager

The landlord installed a phony resident manager in violation of California law.

How Do I Get My Landlord To Pay For Property Damage They Caused?

The pipe to the radiator wasn’t sealed correctly so steam filled the apartment for more than 8 hours, saturating the walls and ceiling, causing the kitchen linoleum to peel.

Sorry, CitiApartments, “Routine Inspections” Are Illegal

I’ve rented the same apartment from Citi Properties for 6 years. Up until about 6 months ago, they kept the building tidy, had an on-site manager, and did monthly bug inspections. Now they’re trying to sell the building and they have gotten rid of all that stuff. The only thing they do now is “inspect” each unit once a month.

Tenant Buyouts

If you negotiate a buyout with your landlord, you don’t want to be the tenant plummeting off the cliff. That is why we will help you if you decide to take a buyout.

Happy New Year, For Tenants Nothing’s Changed!

Unfortunately, 2009 proved for many big-city tenants that the golden rule was promiscuously traded for gold. Why would 2010 be any different?

Are Broken Elevators Against The Law?

The elevator at my building has been out of order for more than a month, and we have no indication that repairs will take place anytime soon.

Tenants, Thugs and CDOs

A local tale of unmitigated greed and the criminal enterprise of one family to corner the residential real estate market in San Francisco, buying large rent controlled buildings and ousting long-term tenants by any means possible led to the shady world of collateralized debt obligations, derivatives and the real villains.

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