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A Neighboring Restaurant’s Rats Are Attacking My Apartment

While the rats may be coming from the restaurant, shouldn’t my landlord be doing something to ensure that our building is safe?

My Landlord’s Trying To Punish Me For Complaining About Lead Paint

I have a two-year-old. The management company is retaliating against me because I complained about lead paint chips in the bath tub.

What Constitutes a “Decrease In Services”?

The roof leaks, the linoleum is peeling, there’s mold and nobody picks up the garbage. Can we file a petition for decreases in services?

How Do I Get My Landlord To Pay For Property Damage They Caused?

The pipe to the radiator wasn’t sealed correctly so steam filled the apartment for more than 8 hours, saturating the walls and ceiling, causing the kitchen linoleum to peel.

Pigeon Poop Problems

The problem is that the windows and building are filthy grimy and covered with pigeon poop on the outside. If I open the window the soot all blows into our apartment and I don’t even want to know what diseases could come from the poop.

Roach Recourse?

Do I have any recourse if I keep seeing roaches? I’m not sure if I can live with them!

Ant Infestation

Ants are omnivorous, industrious, well-organized little creatures that could devour the whole world if they were as large as say, golden retrievers. They are also smart enough to go inside when it gets cold.

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