Warranty of Habitability

How Do I Get My Landlord To Fix The Elevator?

Elevators are very expensive to repair and/or replace. Most landlords would rather use a duct tape and bubblegum approach than spend the dough to do the job correctly.

Should I Rent An Apartment That’s In Bad Shape?

Do you rent the unit, despite it’s relatively minor problems, or do you point them out to your prospective landlord and risk losing an opportunity to rent a reasonably priced apartment?

Is My Landlord Required To Replace My 25-Year-Old Carpet?

You can always ask the landlord for his permission to paint or upgrade the carpet yourself. I rarely recommend that a tenant upgrade a landlord’s property, but small fixes and new paint may be justifiable because the benefits may justify the cost.

A Neighboring Restaurant’s Rats Are Attacking My Apartment

While the rats may be coming from the restaurant, shouldn’t my landlord be doing something to ensure that our building is safe?

My Landlord Forged Documents To Get Me Evicted

Your landlord pulled one of the oldest, dirtiest tricks in the landlord playbook. We in the business call it “sewer service.”

Does A Mistake In My Lease Give Me Free Rent?

This is just a mistake in the drafting of the lease. You’re not going to get a free month’s rent. You should, however, be able to point out the mistake to get out a month early.

There’s A Mouse In My (Boarding) House

If you think that living with roommates is a pain in the ass, try living in a boarding house.

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