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Can My New Landlord “Bank” My Rent Increases From Before She Owned My Home?

The San Francisco Rent Board has always been careful to consider the question of return on investment when establishing guidelines to deal with rent increases.

My Landlord Is Selling The House I Live In, Do I Have To Move Out?

Selling the house devoid of tenants is ideal for for staging and marketing it for maximum profit.

My Landlord’s Selling My Building, And Now I Have To Fill Out A Bunch Of Forms?

The forms you described are legally characterized as “estoppel certificates.” Estoppel is the fancy legal term for preventing a person from asserting a fact or a claim inconsistent with a position they previously maintained.

My Building’s Being Sold, Do I Have To Get Out?

Our building is being sold. We have not been given notice to vacate yet, but anticipate that it will be sold pretty quickly. We are trying to figure out if we would be given relocation benefits.

Why Is My New Management Company Asking Me So Many Questions?

The document you are describing sounds like an estoppel certificate, a tenant questionnaire designed to collect information to present to a potential buyer of the property.

My Landlord Wants Me To Move Out So He Can Sell My Apartment

I received a call today from the investment partner that they intended to sell both the units and would offer me first and last months rent to help me move out.

My Building’s For Sale, Should I Worry?

What are my tenant rights in San Francisco when the building goes up for sale?


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