Just Cause Eviction

I Need To Swap Girlfriends (On My Lease)

The days of simply replacing your roommate without the landlord’s involvement are long gone. Many tenants don’t realize this.

What Are My Rights If My Building’s Not Rent Controlled?

If candidates for mayor or any other office say they don’t want to extend the just cause eviction provisions of the Rent Ordinance to buildings built after 1979, tell them to fuck off.

Can My Landlord Evict Me For Smoking Marijuana?

My husband and I smoke marijuana. It’s all legal, but the landlord wants us to move and refused to accept our rent.

How Do I Dump A Deadbeat Roommate?

What are the laws governing kicking out one of your roommates?

Why You Should Not Sublet To Texans

Texans are a ruthless, barbaric people whose dubious contributions to American culture and society include bull riding (see bovine fornication)…

Foreclosure: Banks Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Obey the Law

Banks may not use terms like “vig” or “nut”, but they are foreclosing as zealously as loan sharks. They’re throwing innocent tenants out of their houses in the process. What can you do about it?

My Building’s For Sale, Should I Worry?

What are my tenant rights in San Francisco when the building goes up for sale?

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