Notice of Violation

My Living Room Is Covered In Lead Paint Dust

The Environmental Protection Agency has very stringent requirements for renovation projects that could be contaminated with lead.

I Stopped Paying My Rent Because Of Maintenance Issues, Now I’m Getting Evicted

The landlord took three months to fix broken flashing on the roof over my daughter’s bedroom. Every time it rained, it rained in my daughter’s room. Should I fight the eviction or pay the rent?

Pigeon Poop Problems

The problem is that the windows and building are filthy grimy and covered with pigeon poop on the outside. If I open the window the soot all blows into our apartment and I don’t even want to know what diseases could come from the poop.

Are Broken Elevators Against The Law?

The elevator at my building has been out of order for more than a month, and we have no indication that repairs will take place anytime soon.

Ant Infestation

Ants are omnivorous, industrious, well-organized little creatures that could devour the whole world if they were as large as say, golden retrievers. They are also smart enough to go inside when it gets cold.


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