Unlawful Detainer

My Landlord Forged Documents To Get Me Evicted

Your landlord pulled one of the oldest, dirtiest tricks in the landlord playbook. We in the business call it “sewer service.”

Poodle In The Microwave: Three Common Tenant Misconceptions

Tenant urban legends. If you are a tenant, don’t get sucked in.

The Eviction Shuffle: Not Like Perry Mason

If you are representing yourself, imagine an episode where Perry isn’t familiar with the rules, the judge hates him and Hamilton Burger has a perfect record.

The Eviction Shuffle: RSVP

A failure to respond to an eviction in the required amount of time will give the landlord the opportunity to ask a court to enter a default.

The Eviction Shuffle: Should I Dance?

if you’re going to become the belle of the ball, that is win, you should learn to perform as many of the steps as possible.

The Eviction Shuffle: Notice

Unlawful detainer is the legal term for a lawsuit a landlord files to evict a tenant.


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