Illegal entry

Can My (Troll) Landlord Give A 24-Hour Notice For Entry That Lasts All Week?

Landlord trolls with a Caligula complex are particularly dangerous because many of them are richer than god and they have a divinity delusion to boot.

My Landlord Went Through My Closet

You’ve probably noticed that there are several major themes in landlord tenant relationships. This one is the, “It’s my property and I can do anything I want. Just call me Massa and be grateful that you pay me $31,800.00 per year for the privilege.”

Can My Landlord Search My Apartment For Pot?

SF Tenant asks: Can my landlord give me a notice to enter to search my apartment for pot?

My Building Manager Says I’m Denying Access To My Apt., But I’m Not!

The building “manager/lawyer” did not answer my questions about him and then accused me of denying access.

Is My Building’s High Water Bill My Problem?

The landlord says we used 90,000 gallons of water in two months. Now she wants to raise our rent.

Sorry, CitiApartments, “Routine Inspections” Are Illegal

I’ve rented the same apartment from Citi Properties for 6 years. Up until about 6 months ago, they kept the building tidy, had an on-site manager, and did monthly bug inspections. Now they’re trying to sell the building and they have gotten rid of all that stuff. The only thing they do now is “inspect” each unit once a month.

Happy New Year, For Tenants Nothing’s Changed!

Unfortunately, 2009 proved for many big-city tenants that the golden rule was promiscuously traded for gold. Why would 2010 be any different?

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