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My Absentee Master Tenant Was Scamming Me And My Landlord

Sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Tenants: Never, ever rent a room from an absentee master tenant!

Am I Still The Master Tenant If I Moved Out Of My Apartment For Six Years?

Technically speaking you are a master tenant, but you cannot demonstrate that you are an original occupant because you moved out for six years.

My Master Tenant’s Fallen In Love, Am I Screwed?

Welcome to Rentpocalypse 2012! Have a seat, but don’t stay too long.

I Think My Master Tenant Is Scamming Me

It’s not enough that we in the tenant defense business have to deal with unscrupulous and/or uninformed landlords, we have to deal with tenants who decide they own their units and rent them out like landlords.

Why An Absentee Master Tenant Is A Bad Idea

SF Tenant: It’s always a bad idea to rent a room in an apartment with an absentee master tenant. Too many things can go wrong.

What Rules Govern Master Tenants?

If you’re a sub-tenant/not on the lease, what are your rights? Can the master tenant kick you out, or raise the rent, at his/her discretion?

Bad Master Tenant

The truly bad master tenant collects all of the roommates’ rent and then, for whatever reason, doesn’t pay the landlord. Usually you find out about the problem too late, when you’re being evicted.


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