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Do I Really Get A Life Time Lease If My Apartment Becomes A Condo?

The new condo conversion law provides that that any tenant (not just elderly, catastrophically ill or disabled tenants) must be offered a life time lease.

I Have An Oral Lease, May I Sublet A Room Using airbnb In My Apartment?

Just because the law characterizes you as a quasi-landlord doesn’t mean you have to act like a Cheese Ball landlord and rent through airbnb.

Can I Refuse To Sign A Lease?

You can be evicted if you refuse to sign a new lease, but only if the lease contains “terms which are materially the same as in the previous agreement.”

How Much Do I Have To Help The Realtor Who Wants To Evict Me?

Realtors–irrefutable proof that the United States is not a meritocracy. Between the lies, the drivel and the nonsensical notion that real estate agents are professionals, these guys make lawyers look good.

My Building Has Turned Into A Den Of Crime

You evidently don’t understand a basic tenet of life in the United States of America. If you’re poor, you must live in a crime-ridden shit hole.

Do I Have To Subsidize My Landlord’s Improvements On Another Building?

Common courtesy should dictate that the landlord inform you, in advance, that the repairs were going to commence

My Boyfriend Moved Out, And My Rent Went Up

The landlord would argue that you are not an original occupant and, despite the fact that you paid rent directly to her agent, she did not waive his right to increase the rent.

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