Is It Legal For My Landlord To Change The Terms Of My Lease After 12 Years?

It is clear and supported by case law that a unilateral change requiring insurance in a residential, rent controlled, lease can be defeated in court.

Why Is My Landlord Demanding A $150 Late Fee?

In the past several months I’ve received many more calls from tenants about late fees and rent payment methods, leading me to believe that some landlord “working group” decided to focus on this method of tenant harassment.

Is The Rule Of Seven Really A Thing?

A Rule of Seven, if it existed, would be a stupid, vindictive and financially unsound practice that could only be justified by ignorant superstition, evidence that some landlords have SPOOKS in their brains.

If I Need To Break My Lease, Am I Responsible For Finding A New Tenant?

You are not responsible for finding another tenant. That’s the landlord’s job! If he doesn’t try to find another tenant he is not mitigating his damages.

My Landlord Wants Me To Add My Boyfriend To My Lease. Do I Have To?

Tell your landlord that it’s beneficial to her to allow you to add your boyfriend as a subtenant. If you move out she can increase the rent to market rate.

Can My Landlord Refuse To Add My Domestic Partner To My Lease?

Any refusal to rent to your domestic partner based on a debt is a refusal based upon credit worthiness–an unreasonable refusal.

My Neighborhood’s Too Dangerous, Can I Break My Lease?

When a tenant breaches a lease, in this case by moving out before the end of the term, a landlord suffers damages.

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