My Landlord Wants Me To Add My Boyfriend To My Lease. Do I Have To?

Tell your landlord that it’s beneficial to her to allow you to add your boyfriend as a subtenant. If you move out she can increase the rent to market rate.

Did Gavin Newsom Make It Harder For My Boyfriend To Move In With Me?

Mayor Gavin Newsom, the rapacious, oily narcissist and shill for the real estate industry vetoed legislation that would have allowed you to add your boyfriend to help pay rent.

Can Someone Be A Subtenant If They Aren’t Paying Rent?

The caretaker could be a subtenant because she is providing cat care and security for a free place to stay, but the analysis does not end there.

My Absentee Master Tenant Was Scamming Me And My Landlord

Sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Tenants: Never, ever rent a room from an absentee master tenant!

My Master Tenant’s Fallen In Love, Am I Screwed?

Welcome to Rentpocalypse 2012! Have a seat, but don’t stay too long.

If Our Roommate Moves Out, Can Our Landlord Jack Up Our Rent?

I reread Rules & Regulations §6.14, which as usual, has the effect of a combination of Seconal and Wild Turkey. Your boyfriend is not an original tenant/occupant, but the landlord still cannot increase the rent.

Can I Be Evicted For Subletting Without Permission?

San Francisco is expensive and many landlords these days want to cash in on the new Twitter/tech boom. One of the easiest ways to remove rent-controlled tenants is to sue them for illegal subletting.

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